Asian Film Festival - Italia

17° edition – Winners – Awards

Winners – Awards

17° Asian Film Festival
Rome, 30 July – 05 August 2020

The jury of Asian Film Festival 2020, composed of

Jury President – Laura Luchetti, director
– Claudio Sironi, director
– Renato Loriga, critic and researcher

Newcomers section – Antonio Farisi, director

awarded the prizes of this edition


Miglior Film / Best Film
The Third Wife (di Ash Mayfair, Vietnam, 2018)

Best film award

“For its sublime, oniric and evocative tale of a female world made by very tough rules and merciless. Because of staging’s mastery, cast’s direction, scenary’s choice as fundamental for the telling and for every details’ cure.
This movie moves and enchantes, managing to take the spectator in a impalpable yet ruthless universe.”

Award speech of the director Ash Mayfair

Miglior Regia / Best Director
From Tomorrow On I Will (di Ivan Markovic e Wu Linfeng, Cina, 2019)

Best director award

The exploit of mainly static shots, diegetic sounds and non professionals actors confuse the thin border between fiction and documentary. A dry tale but at the same time filled with a feeling of surviving the contemporary capitalism.

Award speech of the directors Wu Linfeng e Ivan Markovic

Miglior Attrice / Best Actress
Mariko Tsutsui (A Girl Missing/Giappone, 2019)

Best actors award

“A kind spirit and an unruly heart shines through Ichiko’s confidentiality and formality. The actress gives us a portrait of a woman apparently seemingly ordinary whose gaze shines of an extraordinary light.”

Miglior Attore / Best Actor
Elijah Canlas (Kalel 15/Filippine, 2019)

“for his ability, in spite of his very young age, to put on stage a characterh who’s fragile and filled with contradictions, in a natural wayand with shades like an experienced actor. We’re glad to reward an honest, moving and innocent performance that really hit the jury.”

Award speech of Elijah Canlas

Film più originale / Most Original Film
Nakorn-Sawang (di Puangsoi Aksornsawang, Thailandia, 2019)

“An intimate first work that shuffles cinema and private life, moving between action and vhs, in order to reflect about life and death, about grieve and its processing, and about how art, and particularly cinema, can own all these fundemantal topics.”

Award speech of the director Puangsoi Aksornsawang


Miglior Film / Best Film
Mountain Song (di Yusuf Radjamuda, Indonesia, 2019)

“Because of the ability that the young directos has to weave a layered tale, in which, in a impercetible way you are escorted inside the mistery of the natural links, first of all the one between a sick mom and her son, Gimba, a six year old and, then, between the man and the envoirenment in a isolated village among the Pipikoro mountains, in Sulawesi, Indonesia. From a realistic implant, the director manages to build a magical dimension around the childhood’s silences where music and imagination show all of thei power. Even the one to defeat the pain.”

Award speech of the director Yusuf Radjamuda

Images of the award ceremony