Asian Film Festival - Italia

Press Release AFF21


from 10 to 17 April 2024at the Cinema Farnese Arthouse, Campo De’ Fiori square n° 56 – Rome

Having crossed the twenty-year milestone, Asian Film Festival renews itself with a 21st edition that promises to be extraordinary. For the first time, films from Mongolia and Nepal will be screened, while, alongside new films by great directors, there will be many high-level first works – absolute surprises – distributed among the Newcomers section, the Competition and the Out-of-Competition.

The festival, which will take place at the Cinema Farnese Arthouse, from 10 to 17 April, will present more than thirty feature films from South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, in addition to the previously mentioned debutants Nepal and Mongolia.

Given the great success of the last few years, the theme days are returning, dedicated to the countries that have best distinguished themselves for the originality and vibrancy of their films, from Japan to South Korea, from Vietnam to Thailand, with two new countries to be announced later.

The ‘days’ are organised thanks to the indispensable support and coordination of the Embassies, Cultural Institutes, Film Commissions and Government Agencies of the countries of the Far East, which have reinforced their strategic partnership with the Festival in various ways this year.

Three themes will drive this 21st edition: the condition of women, coming-of-age through adolescent stories, and violence in its various forms.

Now in a post-covid era, the 21st Asian Film Festival will welcome many guests from different countries, including directors, actors and actresses, and producers. And it is precisely with Italian producers and distributors that this edition of the festival intends to reflect on the possible co-productions between Italy, Europe, and countries of the Far East, between difficulties in terms of content and opportunities both economically and artistically.

Finally, as is usual, the festival will facilitate access to screenings for young people and students and will make use of a jury for the competition of great prestige, also being able to rely on the support of local and national institutions.


Artistic Director: Antonio Termenini

Organization: Cineforum “Robert Bresson”


Press Office: Elisabetta Castiglioni

+39 328 4112014 –