Asian Film Festival - Italia

Song From Phatthalung

She is obsessed with love and dreams while thinking that the lives of two people and friends are not different from other people. Every house has love, there is mourning, sweetness and bitterness every day. The Real Life of Oppa and the Music “Cowboy College” is not just a movie for the South. It is also the movie of the people of the country as well.


Aoey seeks the Pak Nam Po River – believed to reach heaven – in order to send her mother, who recently passed away, to the afterworld. Early in the morning, she boards a boat with her father, other family members, and an old friend who is now a monk.

Motel Mist

Erotic fantasies can come to life in the rooms of Motel Mistress. But whether these will be pleasurable for those involved is another matter. A strange disappearance, revenge and aliens all turn up one typical afternoon in this love nest.

Bangkok Nites

Bangkok, 2015. Ozawa, a Japanese man who had nowhere to go, meets Luck, a woman has reached the height of her glory on Thaniya Street, a place that flourishes by servicing only Japanese men. Through a trip to trace the scars of colonialism, they look for paradise that we had lost.