Asian Film Festival - Italia

Love Conquers All

Ping has come from Penang in the north to Kuala Lumpur to work with her aunt. There she meets John, a young man who keeps trying to approach her. Ping feels increasingly attracted to John, and although she has a boyfriend in Penang she is drawn more and more into his world. Ping loses herself in her love and does all she can to keep John.

A Very Malay Wedding

Highlighting the culture and uniqueness of a traditional Malay wedding in a village, the story follows city girl Farah, who is forced to hold her wedding in her hometown in the village instead of having it at an expensive or high class venue. This is so that she can fulfill her promise to her grandmother. Nevertheless, to hold a wedding in a village is not an easy task as she would require the help from …

Have a Nice Day

Kok Rui Lau Have a Nice Day Malaysia 20180 h 24 min Click an icon to see more Metadata Director Kok Rui Lau Runtime 0 h 24 min Release Date 2018 Country  Malaysia Production Filmfreeway Images No images were imported for this movie. Actors Starring: Singh Hartihan, Kiranjeet Gill, Sheryan …