Asian Film Festival - Italia

The Year of Living Vicariously

This split-screen documentary by a Malaysian director chronicles the shooting of the Indonesian film Gie (2005) in the middle of 2004, which is also when the country is undergoing its first direct presidential elections. Opinions from the cast, crew and extras of the film are sought on politics, filmmaking and the national myths of the past and present.

Mountain Song

Since his father died, Gimba did not want to get away from his mother, while his mother feels that her health is getting worsen. One day, Gimba was left in a hut by his mother. Gimba also realized that his mother was gone too long.


Between divorce, bad relationships and coming out as gay, a group of affluent friends realize that none of their lives are as easy as they seem.

Whispering Sands

Berlian and her teenage daughter Daya are on the run from political violence. Constantly daydreaming that her absent father will return, young Daya chafes under the stern hand of her mother. Forced to move inland from their seaside home to a desert of constantly shifting sands, the pair settle down to their familiar antagonism. Finally, Daya sees a vaguely familiar face shuffle in from across the wasteland.