Asian Film Festival - Italia

How Are You Dad?

A father can have many different kinds of faces. Which one does your father have? This is a film of ten short stories, and each shows a different relationship between a father and his son. Each story reveals the complexity between fathers and sons.

Thanatos, Drunk

They live in an old house on the fringe of Taipei City: Rat and his elder gay brother Shanghe. Two brothers look for jobs to survive while search for themselves and long for a foothold in life. The younger works at market where he meets a mute woman who gets up to all sorts of craziness. The elder is attracted to a nightclub dancer and finds himself drawn into shifty business.

When Love Comes

Chang Tso-chi 當愛來的時候 20101 h 47 min Click an icon to see more Metadata Director Chang Tso-chi Runtime 1 h 47 min Release Date 2010 Country  Taiwan Production Chang Tso-chi Film Studio Images Actors Starring: Lee Yi-Chieh, Lin Yu-Shun, Ho Tzu-hua, Fan Wing, Lu Hsueh-Feng, Kao Meng-Chieh