Asian Film Festival - Italia

Award ceremony AFF21

The XXIst edition of Asian Film Festival ended in Rome, at the Cinema Farnese ArtHouse, recording-in the eight days of full immersion in theaters with the best works of new cinematography from the Far East-a total sell-out and numerous consensus in the various categories in competition and out of competition. “An edition, this one,” says artistic director Antonio Termenini, “that confirms the exponential interest of the public and the press towards a courageous cinema that, although coming from cultures far from the West, is able to communicate strong emotions and universal arguments reflected in the fears, habits and contexts that human beings face. Especially this year, we are proud of the constructive dialogue established by our jurors that led to the selection of unique works, all deserving of wide distribution in our country. And this is the best wish we can extend to their authors, producers and performers! Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and China are the home nations of the winning films and performers. Among the 17 works in competition, the main arguments were focused on women, their difficulties in integrating into everyday social, religious and professional contexts, as also special attention was paid to the reflections of the individual’s fears on family and generational relationships. Images from the festival’s final evening can be found here.