Rainbow’s Sunset

by Joel Lamangan
105 min.

Ramon, an 84-year-old senator, withdraws from the political scene, but suddenly leaves his family to look after his childhood friend, cancer patient, Fredo. The choice to take care of his homosexual friend, despite his wife’s approval, scandalizes his three children and upsets the entire community.

Lamangan tells a story of coming out with great lightness, without ever pushing on the accelerator of easy moralism or the militant film. He prefers to concentrate on the characters, on the bonds that unite past and present and the components of a complex and composite family picture. An approach that turns out to be right and that makes Rainbow’s Sunset a successful choral film..

Rainbow’s Sunset, which at the Metro Manila Film Festival in December, filled with awards, from the best director to the best female actress, can be defined as a family drama of absolute modernity, a fresco by the Filipino society.