Lush Reeds

The first film of the Festival AFF19- Oriented to East at Cinema Orione is:

by Yang Yishu
(CHINA, 2018)
105 min.

The newlywed reporter Xia Yin has moved to his husband’s apartment in Nanjing, an expanding metropolis on Yangtze river.
She is young and idealist, and she follows controversial investigations and stories for a magazine.
One of these will take her to a small village far from the city atmosphere. A trip that will change into a complex self-discovery through memories and strange encounters.

Lush Reeds is a fascinating, introspective and, to some extent, dark film. It is a long research of the soul based on subtle atmospheres and unresolved mysteries.

The young promising director Yang Yishu, defined by the critics as “an intrepid and independent film-maker”, on her fourth try, with Lush Reeds guides us on a journey which goes deep in the marginal Chinese society, and she gives voice to a part of the culture that is rarely represented in the Chinese mainstream cinema.