The 15th edition of the Asian Film Festival takes place at the Bologna Film Archive between May 21st and May 28th 2018, in the halls of Cinema Lumière and Auditorium DAMSLab.

The selection is divided into three sections:
Competition. The panel will give awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best actress and Most Original Picture.
Newcomers. Dedicated to new talents, rookies and directors at their second experience.
Out of Competition. Involving popular productions and famous directors’ films.

The films selection for the 15th edition of the contest provides with a great variety of topics and countries involved and great intensity of drama. Edmund Yeo’s “Aquerat” describes the matter of Rohingya people between Malesia and Thailand; the Korean “Excavator”, produced by Kim Ki-duk, is about the massacre of civilians by the Korean military in Gwangju, May 1980; the Filipino “Sea Serpent” by Joseph Israel Laban; the international preview of the Japanese “Love Disease” about a single mother following her dreams; “Shuttle Life” from Malaysia, counts the difficulties of frugal family; Ann Hui’s “Our Time Will Come”, which is the story of a Chinese heroin in the second world war against Japan. Besides, other more entertaining films will be shown, such as “A Beautiful Star” from a novel by Yukio Mishima, “Alifu the Prince/ss” about the LGBT community and the Thai “Songs from Phattalung”.

Between Newcomer’s debuts, some honorable mentions are: the first film by the Chinese poet and novelist Han Dong “One Night On The Wharf” produced by Jia Zhangke; the social inspection of “The Decaying” by Sonny Calvento; Tam Wai-ching’s “In Your Dreams”, from Hong Kong, which is a love story; the Taiwanese “White Ant”. Hirokazu Koreeda’s masterpiece “The Third Murder” is out of competition, together with two films by Han San-soo, “On The Beach At Night Alone” and “The Day After”, the comedy “The Sinking City: Capsule Odissey” and the Chinese “Bangzi Melody”.

Moreover, the Festival offers chances for spectators to meet the Asian actors and filmmakers. Among the guests of the 15th edition there is the Thai director Anucha Boonywatana (via Skype), the Taiwanese director Lai Kuo-an and the up-and-coming Filipino filmmaker Sonny Calvento.

Some of the connected events are to be advertised. On Monday May 21st a convention on Taiwanese cinema will take place in the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna (classroom Cruciani, 4 Barberia Street) with the film director Lai Kuo-an. A complete surprise of this edition will be an Asian market, full of stalls ideated make the visitors curious about the Asian countries. The stalls will be opened from Tuesday 22nd May to Sunday 27th May 2018, from 5pm to midnight in Pier Paolo Pasolini Square, at the entrance of the Cinema Lumière.

The aim of the Festival is to seal the work of discovery of the Eastern Asian cinema by Robert Bresson, in cooperation with Bologna Film Archive, many departments of the University of Bologna (CITEM, DAMS and Foreign Languages), the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Unimore, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the College of China in Bologna. Many connected events are possible thanks to Del Monte Foundation, the Municipality of Bologna, the Region Emilia Romagna and the foreign partners China, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan.