Love at Least

by Kosai Sekine
(JAPAN, 2018)
109 min.

Tsunaki and Yasuko have been living together for three years. Different in temperament and aspirations, the two are trapped in an unfulfilling relationship. Lover of literature, Tsunaki began working in the publishing world. Unemployed and frustrated, Yasuko fights against narcolepsy and depression. Everything will change as soon as Ando, ​​Tsunaki’s former girlfriend, reappears, determined to return with him.

Love at Least (original title: Ikiterudakede Ai) tackles the delicate issue of hikikomori, a Japanese term used to refer to those who “withdraw from social life” (often reaching extreme levels of isolation).

Winner of the Japan Academy Award for Best Newcomer, Love at Least is an exciting love story and, at the same time, a splendid portrait of the contradictions of contemporary Japanese society among sparkling neon lights and marginalized lives.