AFF16 in Rome

We are coming back to Rome with a series of screenings which will anticipate the 16th edition of the Asian Film Festival!

This year the premier will be held on 11-12th and 13-14th October at Nuovo Cinema Aquila, in via l’Aquila 66/74 in Rome.

These are the films we’re going to show you:

  • The Outsider (Malaysia, directed by Ngay Yuen Law)
  • Last Exit To Koi Tak (Hong Kong, directed by Matthew Torne)

Here you can find the official trailer.

  • Forever Young (China, directed by Fangfang Li)
  • The Spell (Cambodia, directed by Amit Dubey)

To see the official trailer, click here.

  • Lush Reeds (China, directed by Yi Shu Yang)

It’s been already screened in Bologna during the Asian Film Festival – Orientati ad Est! in January 2019. Visit this page to read more infos about it.

  • Graduation (South Korea, directed by Yoan Ji Yey Huy)

Go see this page to find out more about director, plot and trailer of this film.

…and here it is the big announcement with everything you need to know about the premier. We are waiting for you!

Stay tuned: a lot of big guests and the entire program of the XVI edition of Asian Film Festival will be announced sooner than you think!